Oh Hey, We Went Road-tripping in Canada | Personal Thursday | DC MD VA Portrait And Wedding Photographer

This was our summer trip, we really enjoy every where we have been, but we like to see new things. AND. CANADA. WON. It’s so many things, I can not describe it all. The sights alone are worth it, but the art will win you over and the food will have you wondering how you can move here. Granted, I’ve only visited in July & October, I would hate to see what February looks like. But for a city like Montreal, I may give it a go.



  • Old Port of Montreal. Enjoy water, views, food, entertainment and some light strolling through this waterfront area in the heart of the city.

  • Le Passe Compose. In my humble foodie opinion, if you only have one meal - make it here. View our delicious food below.

  • The Gay Village. A Rainbow above you made out of adorable ornaments, fantastic bars and wonderful art.

  • Random Sprinkler Pole. It’s summer and hot, sprinklers are fun.

    Photography by: Carol Solorzano


Also, find a portrait of me taken by my 10 YEAR OLD niece! With window light and an 85mm.

We stumbled upon this laugh carnival. Adrian and I are stand up comedy connoisseurs, this was our jam! Also, they had the pole sprinkler and the sun was setting, a momtographers dream!


  • Stumble Upon Some Cool Festivals.

  • Gibeau Orange Julep. DELICIOUSNESS. If you are looking for a fantastic meal, for cheap with a creamy orange drink. THIS IS THE PLACE. It was the first drive in Montreal and the building is hella cool.

  • Toronto Islands. A set of Islands, accessible only by ferry and no cars allowed. It is a grand time! They have a small carnival area, plus access to the beautiful beaches and you can do what we did. FACEPALM. Rent a 4 person bicycle. It is actually super adorable, but if you have two children that don’t want to pedal, it can get hard on the adults. Stick to the smaller bikes, the two seaters seemed easier.

  • Graffiti Alley. Just cool, cool area. Lots of art and it’s constantly changing.

  • Ihalo Krunch. Black ice cream. Fun, bold and delicious. Exactly how I like my ice cream.

  • John Fluevog. Upside down room inside a shoe store. Super cool, give it a go after you get your ice cream.

  • CN Tower. I mean, if you go to Toronto, you have to go. I’m still trying to figure out how to recreate the Drake photo, but they frown upon that.

  • Niagara Falls. Do the cruise, do it now. The later you go, the faster the line so maybe grab dinner prior to your cruise. But it is amazing and 100 percent worth it.