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This is me & my little guy.

This is me & my little guy.

I know choosing the right photographer is a big decision. I have personally gone through countless websites when choosing a photographer for my family and wedding. I want to capture you through my lens as if we are life long friends. My passion for photography allows me to create timeless images for you to enjoy, but in order to do this, you’ll have to get to know a little more about me.

My name is Carol Solorzano

I am the photographer and owner of D’Corzo Photography. I am a mother to an adorable baby (my reluctant model) & two black pugs named Han Solo & Princess Leia. I married my high school sweetheart and 12 years later we are living in DC! 

I was born in Bogota, Colombia and grew up in Northern Bay Area, CA. & Las Vegas, NV. Photography has always been a part of me. I was about 9 years old and I was given a 35 mm yellow camera. I still have a photograph of me in Chinatown San Francisco (1999) with my awesome little camera. My father taught me the importance of a memory on paper, and shortly after starting high school I found the dark room. I spent lots of nights working in a dark room (yep, the old fashioned way!) Learning photography with film gave me a new respect for light and the major, major role it plays on my life. 

I have learned how to manipulate light and love it! I became a wedding and event photographer at the same time in Las Vegas. I would shoot weddings in the day time and at large Las Vegas night clubs in the night. I was exhausted, but I loved every second of it! In my life I have shot more than 700 weddings, and I have to say - I love, L.O.V.E! That is what makes me the right kind of person to shoot weddings! 

My goal is to create images that will be cherished by my clients forever. Let me get real with you for a second, I KNOW FOR A FACT that photographs are our most cherished possession. I am a photographer - that means I do whatever I have to do to to get the shot! So don’t be alarmed if you see me on the floor or climbing on things. During your shoot with me be prepared to get creative and have fun! 

If you want timeless photographs - my style is is light, romantic and crisp. Contact me with any questions. I want to shoot your session or wedding. I would love to capture your memories. 

If you do decide to hire me, I'll be the short girl in black with the big hair and cameras. 

Carol Solorzano Photographer

A look behind the scenes to a shoot with me. 


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