A day in the life of a Little Bug - January |  DC MD VA Portrait Photographer | DCP

I haven't blogged about my son yet, but in 2017 I gave birth to the greatest thing in my life. He has come into our lives and taken over completely. I have since lightened my workload and I haven't fully come back to the volume of work I was doing pre baby. BUT I miss my camera in my hands! So, I decided maybe one day he would like to see what his day looked like in the past. So my goal is to photograph our full day, once a month for a year! I am crazy and excited for this challenge. I have obviously started with January. This is our 28th of January. It was a very grey and rainy day in Southern Maryland. We really only left the house to grocery shop and he napped the whole time. He's also into the stage of sleep regression right now, so the naps and bedtime happened on top of mommy. This was our day, from diaper changes to FaceTime calls with Grandma, to sleeping while mommy watched the Grammys. We're not perfect, but I would absolutely not trade this for anything. This was all shot with a Nikon d600 and a beautiful Nikkor 28 mm lens. 

Photography by: Carol Solorzano