My brother's girls @ The Smith Center - Las Vegas, NV - D.C. - Virginia - Maryland Photographer

As most of you reading this know - our brother passed away in July of 2014. He left behind his daughters, Ashley & Allyson and his wife, Angie. While he was still here, I mentioned (a lot) to him that his brother and sister photographers and that he should get his family portraits done. It never happened. His girls were subject of tons of photoshoots over the years, but Angie and Andres didn't find the time for a full family shoot. Needless to say, we never got that shot of the 4 of them. So now, more than a year after his death, Angie and the girls decided to get their photos done before I moved to Maryland. It was definetly a hard and emotional shoot, but it was beautiful. I would like to think my brother would love these photos.

Photography by: Carol Solorzano

Location: The Smith Center, Las Vegas, NV