Have knockout portraits of your vacation in Washington DC!

Adventure session photography at Reflection Pool National Mall in Washington DC - DCorzo

We are a family of travelers and selfie takers. During our trips I always carry one of my cameras. I usually end up with wonderful portraits of what we saw and my husband. When our son came into the picture, we continued traveling but the camera situation got a little complicated. I see that I am now worried about mom things, and tourist things that my camera became a forgotten accessory I lugged around. On one of our trips we got ONE photo together. We had spent all this time & money planning this amazing trip, and we didn't really have a way that I loved to commemorate it. So, casually I told Adrian;

"wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone adventure with us a little and photograph us in these beautiful places?”

Now, this isn’t your basic portrait session, this is a completely rad session. This can be whatever you want it to be. Waking up, having breakfast & going to museums or out in the DC with all the beautiful lights and a drink in your hand. It can be whatever you want it to, to show your true self when you are most relaxed, on vacation.

It can also be for the locals.

We’re a military family, so we move. A LOT. And I find myself kicking myself in the butt for not having more portraits taken at the cool places we have lived. But would a regular one hour session cut it? No, likely not. There are so many beautiful places to explore in the world, why just pick one?

Adventure session photography at Lincoln's Waffle  in Washington DC - DCorzo

So, before you leave the National Capital Area, ask yourself…

What do you want to remember?

Adventure session photography in Washington DC - DCorzo
I’m going to try to put Carol into words, but I feel like anything I say is a complete understatement. Working with Carol was such a wonderful experience! My husband and I spent the day wondering around with carol and her friend Farrin in DC to all the tourist and even local places. She captured my husband and I in some of the goofiest moments and made us feel 110% comfortable. We had some really good laughs and breakfast food along with our photo session! I couldn’t ask for a better photographer. Thank you so much Carol!
— L.H. & C.H.


  • Includes a 2-3 hour session

  • In 2 -3 locations, especially chosen for you, to create a completely unique session

  • A gorgeous digital downloadable gallery

  • Just a completely rad adventure!


  • How this works

I’ll help you plan it! We’ll have a chat over the phone, or a virtual cup of coffee and talk about what your favorite places in DC are, what your favorite food and where you HAVE TO GO! I’m not only a photographer, I am a traveling addict and a foodie, so I got some good places I can recommend for your time here. We’ll set a place to meet and head out on some fun! I’ll work around your schedule!


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